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June 2016
5 Must Haves For Your Next Trip to the Beach
If there’s a Heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it a Jimmy Buffet

There’s a feeling that many women get about hitting the beach. It’s that anxious fear-excitement. On one hand, there is the fun in the sun aspect, where you frolic in the sand playing Frisbee and beach volleyball, you splash around in the water or you soak up the sun whilst in the company of a great book. However, on the other hand, there are the nerves of exposing a winter’s worth of white flesh in your swimsuit, all your dimples and wiggly bits out there for the world to see. How can anyone look pulled together at the beach?

I always feel comfort in thinking that most of the other woman on the beach are feeling the exact same way that I am. Likewise, like most things, our minds get the best of us and over exaggerate our imperfections; such as a little tummy wrinkles that we turn into a baguette roll. Good news is, we can push away our self-deprecation, because this summer, beach wear is fun, flirty and fabulous for all shapes and sizes!

To start any great look, there is one key element: stand tall, ladies! Shoulders back, chest proud and head held high, because confidence is sexy. Now, to rock those curves follow these simple tips from head to toe:

1. Protect your hair and scalp from [...]
Wedding Guest Attire
Five simple rules for wedding guest attire.
Don’t dress to compete. Just don’t. - Sharon Naylor

Hello, my name is Material Girl and I’m a professional Bridesmaid. What does that mean? Well, I’ve been a Bride, yes, but I’ve also had the honour to stand as a Flower Girl four times as a child and in my adult life, I’ve stood beside my friends and family NINE times, as a bridesmaid. I’ve stood in weddings on the Georgian Bay, along the Windsor River Front and in Curling Rinks; I’ve been to weddings in back yards, on farms, on yachts and in the oldest churches in the area. I’ve worn neon pink, buttery yellow, and all shades of green and blue, Short dresses, long dresses and in some cases, my own dresses. I’ve had shoes to wear on ice, cowboy boots and heels that towered. Throughout these special days as I stood with my best friends and family as one of their chosen Maids, I’ve seen approximately 1700 guests cheer on in the celebration of Love.

What these guests don’t know though, is the bridesmaids are watching. We see it all from the head table. The micro mini’s, the bra straps and the pant suits, we see you pulling at up your strapless dress and pulling down your short skirts, we see it and we laugh, oh do we laugh. We also see the beautiful floral and whimsical party dresses, we love the bedazzled [...]
Campfire Chic
Give your classic, comfort campfire clothes a stylish upgrade with this campfire chic guide.
I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in tune once more - unknown

There is nothing more amazing than the way you smell after a bonfire. It’s a truly Canadian smell, like a hockey rink first thing in the morning, the crisp air and the burnt maple-wood smell, soaks its way into your clothes and hair, skin and bones. It’s a smell that we all know. We all have memories of sitting around a fire, I’m lucky to have many of these moments. As a child, I remember looking forward to camping trips with my dad and brothers, we would roast marshmallows and they would try to frighten me (usually successfully) with tales of headless woodsmen and Big Foot. Then I would get scared because it was dark without the city lights to pollute the night sky. As I got older, my friends and I would head to Bayfield and hang out on the beach around a giant fire, drinking beer and playing games, meeting new people as they roamed the shore at sunset. We’d eventually let the fire die out, kick some sand on it and on clear nights, we'd all lay under the stars thinking about what would become of us in our future. I didn't realize it then, but the silence of the city and the noises of nature are something I'd look forward to in my adult life.

Fast forward to said adult lif [...]