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June 2016
Max Out Maxis This Season
We give you tips on how and when to wear this seasons staple

tyle is a way to say who you are without having the speak - Rachel Zoe

Through my teens, I rocked my Catholic school kilt with knee high socks and combat boots. Regardless of what clique you belonged in, the kilt was rolled to the shortest form of itself, until a stuffy teacher pulled out a ruler to measure the distance from knee to hem. As time went on, miniskirts remained in fashion. However, as I grew up, I didn't find the point of wearing a skirt I was constantly pulling down or a micro mini that made me shave my legs every day. Fast forward ten years, its 2014 and hemlines have dropped -to the floor. Welcome to a new world -where the wind can blow and you aren't concerned about your Marilyn Monroe pose, where a little bit of stubble on your gams is acceptable and where no matter your style, a maxi skirt will fit beautifully into your wardrobe. It's a look that's versatile for any event too! So whether you're going to a barbeque or a wedding, there are plenty of ways to wear this look.

I topped my Spring/Summer wardrobe up with some key pieces that would maximize my Maxi's.

1. Work. This is by far the most difficult place to wear a maxi skirt. The office is not exactly a floor length, flowing fabric kind of place. Need not worry! Fitted skirts, just below the knee and [...]
Indoor Sunshine
Small ways you can make big changes to your interior spaces this season
"Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration." - Designer Kathryn M. Ireland

Today was one of those days that I really appreciated some of the life lessons my mother taught me. To some, these lessons are of how you should always treat others as you want to be treated or beauty fades but intelligence and wit lives forever. My mom definitely instilled the ideals of being a good human but she also taught me things that I thought I would NEVER, EVER in a million, trillion years, use; like how to reupholster a dining room chair with a staple gun and a glass of red wine, or how to hang wall art with a pencil, some nails and good judgement, rather than a level. The idea that you can transform any room in your home in just a weekend with a coat of paint, some beautiful photos and some carefully chosen deor is embedded in me now. My patient husband has finally accepted that my crazy ideas for my days off generally produce beautiful and creative changes to our home - helping to make it cozier and even more personalized.

My mom didn't always have the most efficient or productive ways of completing tasks but it was always done well, which I guess is what ultimately matters. So whether I carefully assembly a centre piece for my dining room table or fini [...]
Spring Hit List: Playful and Colourful Activewear
You have to get up every morning and tell yourself, “I can do this” - unknown

Did you all feel that? It was the tease we've had after this crazy winter; a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of warmth. The snow started to puddle and the ground started to thaw. Spring! I feel you in my bones. It's no wonder then that the urge to hit the ground running couldn't be held in. The weather was brief but I got out in time, to enjoy my first big run of 2014 and damn did it feel great. The grass was muddy, the trails were soaking but as I ran, I smiled, because ladies and gentlemen, Spring is right around the corner.

If you're anything like me, I keep to a pretty strict gym routine. However, there is nothing that compares to calling up friends and getting a game of baseball together or going for a bike ride, playing catch in our backyard or going for a run. Like most of us, I'm sure you're ready to get out of hibernation. This winter has been long and drawn out and waaaaaaay too cold to do much, so let's celebrate the changing of the seasons and get active! First things first, I need some new gear (obviously!).

After a winter of indoor gym equipment, my shoes are worn down in strange ways, so out with the old and in with the new! As an avid shopper and shoe junkie, I like my snea [...]