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Style Files
June 2013
Barely There Color
Bolder colors are giving way to an assortment of gentler hues this summer
"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you!” - Coco Chanel

White, mint, peach, pink, and the babiest of blues; they hit me with a sweet left hook and I thought I was seeing things. My palette got a taste of candy color this season and I think I like it. My uniform of black, dark grey, black and a little hint of black got a fresh (pale lemon) twist with this spring's latest color trend - Barely there color. What's a girl to do " The New Yorker wanna-be in me screamed, "NO! Don't do it" black has been there for you! but it kept pulling me in.

If you're anything like me, you want to try a trend first before you make it part of your personal style. I decided to do a white nail. Flat white, simple, elegant, goes with anything. It was a hit. Maybe this will fly after all.

These colors allow you to re-energize your style. So I hit my closet, looking at my basics, where can I take these colors? The rock star in me cringed at the thought of pale pink and baby blue, but re-imagining my black skinny jeans, with a sheer top the color of sand and some sexy, white suede heels made me feel a little better.

The beauty of these shades is that they aren't meant to control your look. At least, that's how I've approached them. I like the idea that I can wear them [...]