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July 2013
Outdoor Living
Tips on how to bring the indoors out this summer
So, we have this house. We've spent the last four years fixing up the inside, really making it feel like home. We painted all the rooms, invested in the kitchen and bathrooms and laid new flooring. It screams “WELCOME TO OUR HOME!” to all of our visitors. When we have visitors, we're proud of what they see when they walk inside. That all changes though, when we step out onto our deck, where the friendly welcome is eclipsed by a boring lawn, with a boring patio, adorned with a boring table set - boring, boring, boring!

If we didn't want to hang out there, why would our guests? We needed to want to be out there too. But how? I considered the things that I personally hated about outdoor parties.

1. Bugs- specifically mosquito’s, they remind you of the garden party, all over your ankles, for weeks afterwards.

2. Lawn Chairs - they're uncomfortable, they leave marks on my tush and no one wants to sit in one all night.

3. Darkness - nightfall is inevitable, but darkness can be avoided right?

4. Dips - I don't know why, it grosses me out seeing dips sit out in the heat. There's got to be a better way!
I figure, if these things can be resolved, I'd be satisfied with outdoor entertaining. So here's my blueprint to making outside, feel like inside.

So, we chuck [...]