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July 2014
Wedding Guest Attire
Five simple rules for wedding guest attire.
Don’t dress to compete. Just don’t. - Sharon Naylor

Hello, my name is Material Girl and I’m a professional Bridesmaid. What does that mean? Well, I’ve been a Bride, yes, but I’ve also had the honour to stand as a Flower Girl four times as a child and in my adult life, I’ve stood beside my friends and family NINE times, as a bridesmaid. I’ve stood in weddings on the Georgian Bay, along the Windsor River Front and in Curling Rinks; I’ve been to weddings in back yards, on farms, on yachts and in the oldest churches in the area. I’ve worn neon pink, buttery yellow, and all shades of green and blue, Short dresses, long dresses and in some cases, my own dresses. I’ve had shoes to wear on ice, cowboy boots and heels that towered. Throughout these special days as I stood with my best friends and family as one of their chosen Maids, I’ve seen approximately 1700 guests cheer on in the celebration of Love.

What these guests don’t know though, is the bridesmaids are watching. We see it all from the head table. The micro mini’s, the bra straps and the pant suits, we see you pulling at up your strapless dress and pulling down your short skirts, we see it and we laugh, oh do we laugh. We also see the beautiful floral and whimsical party dresses, we love the bedazzled [...]