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Style Files
August 2013
The Perfect Little Black Dress
Move over long, flowy white maxis; the sleek little black dress is back for fall, and in a big way.
“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress” - Karl Lagerfeld

Hello Little White Dress - my lover, my illicit affair of material. You look so good on that hanger - delicate, youthful, fresh, and modern. I hope you look that great on me. I hope LBD will understand. I just needed a change.

Shopping this summer has been a whirlwind for my senses. Not only does my little black dress “LBD” hold strong from season to season, but I'm being introduced to its frienemies. Those sexy new styles, those daunting colors that scream out my name whenever I pass by. What's a girl to do? - who wears white? Mint? Or Sand color? One shoulder? Open back? And what the hell is a Peplum dress? There's a sense of adventure and whimsy in these frocks that I haven't felt in so long. I'm excited.

Little Black Dress “LBD” my best friend, my soul mate, my go to fashion piece, we need to talk. I'm feeling conflicted lately, everywhere I turn, I feel my eyes wandering. It's just not fair! You were there for me when I graduated university, my first date with my husband, when I had nothing to wear on a girl's night out. You always make me feel sexy, confident, and demure. Do we need to break up, for the sake of fashion?

I did it. I made the plunge. Little white dress will loo [...]