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September 2013
Fall Finger Fashions
The new hues, designs, and nail shapes this season
"I don't set trends, I just find out what they are and exploit them.” - Dick Clarke

When I was a kid, I always watched my mom and grandma paint their long, pointy nails in bright tones of pinks and reds. They'd sit at the kitchen table and gossip, drink coffee and paint their nails, it was a weekly date they had and that I always wanted to take part in. As I got older, they'd put the rosy colour on my little nail stubs and tell how pretty it was. However, I never had the long, glorious nails of my elders, I bit my nails so they were soft and ragged, the paint would peel before the week ended and eventually, I became jaded about this tradition that I couldn't really take part in.

As the years passed, the tradition continued. Eventually I got a job working at a restaurant and I couldn't wear nail polish any more. It was a great way for me to get away from the torture. Now, as an adult, I'm actively trying to break the habit. I find that with a little colour on them, I'm less likely to put them in my mouth. Simply put, I don't like the look of chipped nail polish (likely because of my matriarch's always perfect manicure). So I try to keep my polish perfect, and my hands and feet well groomed. I now understand that going for a mani-pedi every few weeks is what it takes for me to ke [...]
Must-Have Fall Trends
Our Material Girl tracked the must-have fall trends. From animal print to oxblood and more, we're officially obsessed with these fall fashion items
“Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower”

It"s upon us - The crispness in the air, the chill against your skin, the crunch of the leaves, and the bold orange sunsets that represent fall. Gone are those easy, breezy days of summer, where barely there colours and silky flowing clothes make the cut. We"re hitting the streets this fall with a bit harder look, edgy, industrial and sleek.

Moving forward into the fall, l wanted some key pieces that will keep me current, but still enable me to carry over some of my whimsical summer wear. So I hit Windsor Crossing; first, to see what"s hot for long term investment and also, some funky fall trends. While meandering, one can"t help but notice the abundance of leopard throughout all the stores. Whether it"s a subtle touch of a pair of leopard heels or a bold statement piece like a menswear inspired trench coat or pair of narrowed legged skinnies, the pattern is making a roar - get it? Haha! Anyways, I decided to hold on the leopard until I find some more transitional pieces. Then alas, like a beacon of gothic light, I see it, sexy, bold, subtle - leather or pleather, whatever! I like it! I"m a sucker for a well fit leather jacket - especially in fall"s jewel toned colour collection. Imagine a soft leather bomber ja [...]