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October 2013
DIY Halloween Costume Ideas
Try these homemade costume ideas that will have all the trick-or-treaters in awe on Halloween night.
"Hold on, man. We do not go anywhere with scary, spooky, haunted, or forbidden in the title.” - Scooby-Doo

My biggest fear has come alive - zombies.

Or at least this is what I thought last week, as runners scurried away from the zombie clad Lancer track team at Malden Park and downtown Windsor experienced the walking dead as hundreds of the living dressed as the dead for this year's zombie walk. Alas, it was all just a hoax to kick off the haunted festivities leading up to Halloween. As much as I'm horrified of zombies, scary movies, spirits, blood, spiders, and pretty much everything else associated with Halloween, I still love, love, love it! I guess it is the fun of dressing up as literally ANYTHING. Growing up, my brothers and I got to be anything we wanted on Halloween. We wouldn't dare pretend a sheet made us a ghost, not when our mom's and aunts created homemade costumes that allowed us to be anything and everything. Whether it's a rabbit in a hat, ninja turtles, raggedy Anne or, yes, even zombies, I was taught that the only limitation at Halloween is your imagination.

Now, with 19 years between my sister and me, I have been given the opportunity to create some amazing costumes for both myself and her. With some ingenuity and innovation, anyone can create a unique, d [...]
Thanksgiving Decor
Tips for planning the perfect holiday party
I love this time of year. The colours change, weather cools, and the fashions cover me up so I get to eat a little bit more than usual at my Thanksgiving feasts. I love hosting dinners and parties throughout the holidays, it's a great reason for me to bust out my apron and pretend to cook, while my husband actually cooks. Unbeknownst to most, I am what some may refer to as, an Undomestic Goddess. I love the idea of being a great cook, I just hate cooking. However, I can hostess my way through any occasion. What I realized though, is that being a good hostess involves being unique and offering your guests something more than just a meal or a glass of wine, it's a sense of humility and gratitude.

When I was growing up, my family, like many, went around the Thanksgiving dinner table and said what we were thankful for. Usually it was the generic “family”, “friendship”, “mommy”, “daddy”. Eventually, my mom grew tired of the ordinary and wanted us to actually consider what we were grateful for. So she left small pieces of paper on each plate, where we needed to document in detail, what we were thankful for. After that, she took them and stuck them in a small house plant and deemed it the "Thankful Tree". As we grew up, this tradition contin [...]