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November 2013
Winter Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion
Colder temps does not mean your clothes need to be boring and unflattering. Here, we share five winter outfit ideas so you can look your best no matter what the occasion is.
“It’s always better to be over dressed than to be under dressed, in any situation”

We all know that woman. The one with too much cleavage in front of the boss, the one with jeans at a holiday party, the one with the too short skirt at your family dinner, THAT woman. I can’t deal with her, I am the one that will politely talk to her and find out WHY she chose her outfit for the evening, because there is some part of me that needs to know why. For some reason, I feel the need to help these women. I understand that not everyone want to wear a ballgown to the grocery store, but much like Stacy London and Clinton Kelly (from TLC’s What Not to Wear), I want to at least give them some guidance.
So here you have it, Material Girl's Top Five Winter Outfits (and where to wear them):

1. The Office Holiday Party. In all situations, it's imperative that you find out the formality of the event. In general, an office holiday party is going to be one of your more formal events of the season. Don't be that woman with the too tight, too short, too red, too revealing dress. No one wants to see what you got from your momma.

Typically, your handy little black dress will be more than appropriate, paired with sparkly shoes and some chunky jewellery. You can be a bit b [...]