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December 2013
Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him
Surprise your dad, brother, or best friend with one of these last minute ideas from our 2013 gift guide.
“How could it be so? It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!” -Grinch

Much unlike the women in my life, the men in my life all fall under one of two gift categories, all they want for Christmas is something they won't buy for themselves because it's either too frivolous or it's completely practical.

These items are generally cool tech items, frivolous toys, nostalgic games or everyday items that are too expensive for them to justify. So, this leaves Christmas and Birthdays, as the times of the year that they can ask for these items and no one will question them. However, what if you're dearest Daddy or humble Husband won't actually ASK for anything? Look no further, that's what I'm here for.

Here is your holiday gift guide for those special Man-Boys in your life.
  1. Watches. There is a timeless manliness to a good looking watch. Whether it's a pocket watch or a wrist watch, there is a certain level of authority that a good watch demands. Watch trends have changed throughout the years, gone are the days of the thin leather strap and simple face. Modern watches are large, complicated designs with a mixture of different textures. Look at Guess Factory Store for some great watches, some are modern, some more traditional. For a more
Top Gifts for Her
Surprise your mom, sister, or best friend with one of these unique ideas from our 2013 gift guide.
“My life will see, the love I give, returned to me” - John Mayer

Whether it's your wife or girlfriend, your grandma or you momma, your sister or best friend, there is always that one woman that you want to give the world to. She represents everything right and pure, she has the best advice, the most beautiful smile, and there is nothing you can give her that will show her how much you care. The very least you can do, is try - TRY to express how much sunshine she brings to gloomy, grey wintery cold days. Try to show her, just how much she means.

I am lucky. I have an amazing mother, whom represents strength, love, beauty and resilience. I have wonderful sisters, whom embody fun, friendship, kinship and intelligence. I have best friends that my world would stop without. I am lucky to have a group of amazing women. They are all successful, confident and thoughtful women, whom are a pain in the ass to buy for.
When you have these women in your life, much like I do, it's really hard to express how much you care, when you present them with a sweater. I often sit and ponder gifts too long, I wait and wait and eventually I get the most perfect idea and it's impossible to pull off because it's Christmas Eve at 10pm and the only places open are Tim Horton's and Petro Canada [...]
Travelling in Style
Your guide easy chic travel this holiday season.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I was planning a trip to Hawaii rather than a trip to the grocery store for more red and green food colouring. I love this time of year, all the tinsel and shopping and carols and shopping and family time and shopping but I also love to travel. So, let's just pretend for a moment, we were jetting off to some tropical location, full of sunshine and Mai Tai's rather than snow and Hot Chocolate. First of all, we're for sure going to pretend to be somewhere hot, with sprawling sandy beaches and ocean water so clear I can see my pedicure perfectly. On this pretend adventure, I will be wearing cute summer dresses and the brightest possible swimsuits, with flip flops and sandals and high heels, oh my!

Imagine it though, for real, going shopping this week for new Samsonite Luggage for yourself rather than your in-laws Christmas gift. For many of you, it's a reality, and although I'm super envious, I love spending this time of year cozied up beside a fire with my dog and good book - and with family and friends too of course. In order to get ready for the off season vacation, there are a few key things to remember to ensure you travel in style.

1. You're travelling out of season. When shopping for new items to bring with you, it may be a bit more di [...]